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Artist Statement


I have a recurring dream in which I don't have my camera with me and I have an opportunity to photograph something. What surprises me about this is that I started having this dream long before I got involved in photography. Whether it was my subconscious or a harbinger of things to come, when I do have my camera with me I often find myself lost in a different world. It's a world where time stands still and nothing except  the shot of the moment exists.


Photography has changed my life and enabled me to see the world in a different way. I can never go anywhere without scouting for scenes or things that would make interesting images or evaluating the light. Since taking up photography I have noticed things that were hidden from me simply because I didn't know how to look for them. Who knew that shells looked like trolls' toe nails or that a moment frozen in time could provide a fascinating glimpse into an athlete's agony? I see the world up close. My favourite images are usually those that fill the frame, often in an ambiguous way thereby making someone take a second look or starting a conversation. 


I love the challenge of making a great image and I love that I can get lost in a field of flowers or a pile of insect exoskeletons for hours. In addition to documenting so many of the things that fascinate me, it is rewarding to give reign to some of my artisitc urges. These have often resulted in somewhat unusual projects including Bloodline and Liquid Light. The icing on the cake is when someone enjoys one of my photographs. That always inspires me to continue to crawl around in a field full of dandelions, drop sticky syrup into a cheese grater or blow bubbles in a glass of blood. I never know what form inspiration will take or where it may come from and that is truly exciting!