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Sea and Shore

One of my greatest loves is the water; any kind whether it be fresh or salt, puddle or ocean. In this gallery the focus, however, is on some of the creatures that reside in and around the ocean.


Barnacles are particularly interesting. Not only do they look like trolls' toenails, they are fascinating in their complexity. Sand dollars are also very beautiful. Since spending time on Seabrook Island in SC I have acquired a very large collection of intact sand dollars. What we find on the beach are "tests" or what is left of a special type of sea urchin after it has died. The variety of colour and size is amazing.


The crabs in South Carolina are a brilliant blue colour. How can nature produce such a spectacular colour? I also  have a very large collections of crab carapaces. I will clearly be that hoarder that is buried under six feet of debris when I die!


As always, the light on the beach can produce some beautiful highlights to even the most ordinary shells.